I've worked with hundreds of speakers, who have trusted me with their idea, "their baby" as I say. Their success stories –and the millions of people these stories have influenced– are my biggest testimonial. I've added here a few words and talks from speakers, whose stories have had a great impact on me. 

credits: Nikos Pappas, Vassilis Draganis - TEDxThessaloniki

Melissa Fleming, Head of Communications and Chief Spokesperson UNHCR 

Katerina is a master at encouraging speakers and soothing stage fright. She championed my idea and brought me as a speaker to TEDxThessaloniki, a terrific event she co-organizes attracting an influencial audience from all over Greece. Thanks to her pitching and persistence, my talk was published on TED.com and now has over 1.5 million views.   

View Melissa's talk on TED.com.

photo credit Scott Watt

Isaac Lidsky, Author - Entrepreneur

The value of a  bright idea or moving story is realized only in its communication. In this art of expression, Katerina is masterful. I'm eternally grateful for her help shaping my vision into an experience of impact for others.

View Isaac's talk on TED.com.